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home outings

July 20th 2010

Tower Bridge

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John Capper JC Steve Hamill SH
Ruth Capper RC Colin Hicks CH
Helen Cullens HC Juliet Morton JM
Peter Cullens PJC

Michael Shaw (leader)


Peter Duncan PD    

Michael's friends Prue and Stanley met our train, provided each of us with a city map and then showed us around giving us all the details that bring a place to life.   Their company and expertise added greatly to our enjoyment.

Station Roof - MS

Map Reading - MS

Terminus - JC

Brighton's magnificent station - PJC

Tidying - JC

Graffiti - JM

The long view - R -CH

Chequers - JM

Cat - MS

Hairdresser - MS

Mekon -MS

Window man - PD

Window - JM

Aladdin's Cave - CH

Rock & Roll - CH

Melon fest - JM

Hairdressing for gorgeous boys and girls - HC

Ruth considering a candid - HC

There were many characters in the Lanes that we would have loved to snap, but we did not feel brave enough;  later when we were on the Pier we overcame our scruples...

Child transport - HC 

Stallholder - HC

Buskers - PD

No I am not tempted - RC

(does not enlarge)

Hattery - JC

Street Colours - PD

Ride and Park - CH

Coffee break - PD

Taking it Easy - CH


George IV at Brighton by Cruikshank www.victorianweb.org

The gang - PJC

Tourist Party - JC

Cream and Grey - PD

We had our packed lunches on the grass overlooking the Pavilion serenaded by a sitar

The decorative spires of the Pavilion set off the spires of the hollyhocks or vice versa - HC

Sitar - PJC

Lunchbreak - RC

Your hotdog - PJC

Max Miller - HC

Museum exhibit taken at 1/6th sec no stabilisation you can't lose them all! - HC

Inside the Museum - RC

Bling - PJC

Boat seat - PJC

Resting - PJC

Three and one - PJC

Ice creams - PJC

Wheels on the Pier - HC

Funfair - PD

Pier feet - PD


Canon Salvage - CH



Salvage Man - CH


Brighton Beach - JC

Little Boats - JC

Me and my dog - PD

Is it Cold? - CH

Boat Lovers - CH

Too Late! - CH

Bandstand and old pier - MS

Lamps - HC

Hove reflection - JC

Brighton elephant - MS 


Church - CH


In the shade of the Churchyard - SH

St. Nicholas's Church - HC