Battersea Park

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battersea park

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http://pjspictures.me.uk/1.PJP_London10.htm & http://www.stevehamill.com/ for Peter and Steve's pictures

A day out with the London Photo Walk

We had a coffee at this cafe


and looked around before the start of the walk

Prime Sight!

Battersea Dogs Home

The landlord suggested we come in for a Guinness

Battersea Power Station

From the entrance to Battersea Park

A photographer's bag carrier

Reflection in a puddle


Steve's puddle was not so clear

Boats under the tree

Eric Kennington's memorial to the 24th London Division

Close-ups of the wreaths

Snake around the legs

The group was all over the Park and other walkers wondered what was going on

Having a dog rub past you when you are concentrating on a shot is part of the challenge!

Around the lake

My dog does not like being photographed!!

Large butterfly!

Strawberry Tree

Refers to the tree on the left

Eucalyptus bark

Henry Moore's Three Standing Figuresť can be seen on a small mound facing the lake at the corner of the Sub-Tropical Garden.

Moore (1898-1986) had his first one-man show in 1941.


Battersea Power Station

Lining up a pattern picture

Battersea Bandstand

Bandstand detail

Scooter Queen

Good garden design


Fence with Balls


Peace Pagoda


Staffie or Pit Bull

Battersea Power Station

The King William IV - time for lunch

Plants around the Park

Magnolia soulangeana

Fine leaved pine

Ilex ferox

Plane seeds


Hellebores orientalis



Flowering Currant

Polyanthus and species tulips


Species tulip

Bellis perennis

Excellent example of a composite flower


The magnificent new concourse at King's Cross

 A badly joined up representation of the outside does not enlarge