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The Gang of 4 expecting a cold and overcast day were delighted to enjoy bright low sunlight

London Bridge Station

In a shop

The 02

Peninsular Square

The NOW Gallery

Improved by solarization

The Ravensbourn University Design District

Roger Penrose tiles

Walkway "Hundreds and Thousands" by Liz West

Head in the Windí Sculpture by sculptor Allen Jones

Anthony Gormley's "Quantum Cloud"

Emirate Airway

Flower and fruit - Cornus


Mermaid. by Damien Hirst 

Liberty Grip by Barry Hume

The Clock

Boat Section "Slice of Reality" by Richard Wilson

We had lunch at the Observatory, a Nicholson Pub.   We were the only customers.    They had some original lights

Pretty little cat

The New Hotel Continental


The Observatory

Plume of Feathers

Monument to a Dead Parrot - my view from behind

The best view from Ian's Visits

We caught the DLR to Bank then the Northern line to St Pancras and home.   It was a good day out.